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Our Mission is to help feed people in need while also stopping excess food waste

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Our Story


Bite is an idea conceived by its founder, Christian Hurtado. He saw the amount of food waste and the amount of hungry people in New York City and he thought one problem could be used to solve the other. Growing up, Christian’s mother was one of seven siblings in a low-income family and sometimes they would go to sleep hungry. Whenever she recalls those times, her eyes begin to tear up and in addition to the sadness and frustration her parents must have felt, she remembers the pain and hurt of what it is like to go to sleep hungry. This story not only taught Christian the value of a meal, but instilled him with a mission.

App Features

We connect restaurants with excess food to individuals in need



Our restaurants join the fight to end hunger by donating food for people in need


Our App connects people in need with donated food

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Our user are able to get food for themselves and their family 


Meet the App Team


Christian Hurtado Catacoli
Instagam: @chrishurtado92

Founder -- Software Developer.

Bite comes from a desire to help people in need. Since I was young, my mother would emphasize the importance of food and always made me aware that I should never take for granted the meals I am fortunate enough to receive. Herself, having experienced hunger, instilled that in me.

Meet the Sunday Bite Team!



Oversee food preparation and ensure that all dishes are cooked well with love

Myriam Catacoli


Chef. Preparer.

Assisting the head chef in preparing food, chopping and washing vegetables and meats

Paola Chica Catacoli



This initiative has been a very humbling experience that has allowed me the opportunity meet those who I otherwise wouldn't have before COVID-19. It has made me realize that it shouldn't take such drastic measures before stepping up and lending a helping hand.

Bite represents the idea that a little bit can go a long way.

Lisa Maria Ortiz, RN



Prep cooks work for food establishments and assisting the head chef

Andres Peña


Prep cooks work for food establishments and assisting the head chef



Prep cooks work for food establishments and assisting the head chef


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